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SOME THINGS ARE BEST LEFT UNOPENED. David Paget should have thought of that when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Australia. The contents look too old to be threatening but appearances can be deceptive. Like a genie from a bottle the past rushes in. Events develop with alarming speed and David is propelled on a mad flight through the vastness of Australia, pursued by hired killers. His friends mount a rescue operation. To succeed, they must delve into the past and uncover the reason for David’s plight. Curtin Express is illustrated with over 100 pics. DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY AND SEE THE ACTION UNFOLD.

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7 Responses to Curtin Express

  1. Sherry says:

    Very interesting, Thanks

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  3. Herbert Carmon says:


  4. Herbert Carmon says:


  5. wilson ranwel says:

    i love the work that you guys doing,

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