Curtin coverCURTIN EXPRESS:  Some things are best left unopened: particularly when they contain dark secrets.  David Paget should have thought of that when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Australia. The contents appear too old to be threatening but appearances can be deceptive.  Like a genie from a bottle the past rushes in.  Events develop with alarming speed and David is propelled on a mad flight through the vastness of Australia, pursued by hired killers. His friends mount a rescue operation.  To succeed, they must delve into the past and uncover the reason for David’s plight.



MikeDixon SeventhCircle coverSEVENTH CIRCLE:  In the Realm beyond the Seventh Circle, a young princess prays to the mother goddess for a man to fight her enemies.  She asks for a man skilled in the arts of war and says she wants a man who will excite passions and put the plans of her enemies to nought.  By chance, a suitable candidate is conducting bizarre experiments beside a holy spring in the Realm beyond the Sixth Circle (our realm).  He arrives in the princess’ camp and her prayers are answered … but not as she imagined.


SONY DSCWOLF WOOD (Part One):  In 1436 a dispute arose between the people of Sherborne and their abbot over the ownership of a baptismal font.  Before it was settled, the abbey was burnt down and a bishop murdered.  Some saw the hand of evil at work and blamed a newcomer to the town, accusing her of being a witch.  Others saw her as a saint.  Wolf Wood is set in the turbulent years of the late middle ages.  The old feudal aristocracy is losing control, a new middle class is flexing its muscles, the authority of the church is being questioned, law and order have broken down and England is facing defeat in France.  Wolf Wood is a work of fiction based on actual events.



Sea Change cover with borderSEA CHANGE:  Mike started his working life as an astrophysicist, moved to public relations and entered the tourism industry via scuba diving.  He  made more money out of tourism than any of his other ventures but it wasn’t easy.  In this book he gives advice on how to make the sea change from a salaried job to tourism.



Mike's Japan cover with borderMIKE’S JAPAN: Mike has lots of Japanese friends and he often visits them in Japan.  He has noticed that the conversation flows more freely after a few glasses of sake.  He then gets to hear about things he might not otherwise know.  The stories in this book were written to entertain and provide travel advice.



Mike's China cover with borderMIKE’S CHINA:  Mike has travelled extensively in China, over the past twenty years, on climbing expeditions and as a general tourist.   The stories in this book were written to entertain and provide advice for the independent traveller to this huge and immensely interesting country.



Mike's Australia cover with borderMIKE’S AUSTRALIA:  Mike was born in England but has spent most of his life in Australia.  He is a keen bushwalker and scuba diver and has travelled over much of the big country that he regards as  home.  The stories in this book were written to entertain and provide advice for the independent traveller.



Free Beer & Sex  cover with borderFREE SEX & BEER:  Mike established one of Australia’s first backpacker hostels and ran it for fifteen years.  Over 100,000 people passed through his doors.  Many were out for a bit of adventure and some got more than they bargained for.  The stories in this book are based on real incidents: some frightening, others amusing.



MIKE’S NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE:  http://mikejkdixon.com 

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About Mike Dixon

I either started off on the wrong foot or I'm the legendary rolling stone. Normally, a degree in astrophysics does not lead to a stint in Parliament House, public relations and the diving industry but that’s what happened to me. I'm now retired in the sense that I no longer need to work for a living and that gives me time for writing. My messy life has provided a lot of background for my novels.
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